• By using latest technology in melting, casting, rolling and testing we leave no stone unturned in manufacturing quality steel which is strong, reliable and durable lasting generations.
  • Laboratory plays an important part in controlling quality for steel making.  Laboratory testing is a complex procedure & requires sophisticated instruments. Our manufacturing plant laboratory is equipped with latest equipment and is used by our highly skilled technicians and metallurgists for quality control purposes.
  • In order to keep manufacturing durable steel every raw material like Sponge Iron, Pig Iron, Pool Iron, Silico Manganese, different alloys and chemicals used in production process goes through strict quality testing procedures in our manufacturing plant laboratory. Only after quality assurance, raw materials are put into production. Good quality raw material means production of quality steel.
  • Special care is taken throughout the process in order to maintain the quality of the finished products
  • We use continuous casting process to manufacture Billets. Billets produced through continuous casting process is better quality with little or no chance of impurities making their way that may effect the strength and durability of the product. Continuous casting helps to achieve improved yield, quality.
  • The wire rods we manufacture have the appropriate chemical composition of mild steel that gives steel its properties and ultimate quality.
  • We use no twist block mill technology which helps in quality production with:
    • Smooth surface finish
    • Uniform weight,
    • No variation in dimensions throughout the length of the wire rod
    • Similar physical properties entire length of wire rod.