• We are lead manufacturers of 5.5mm Wire rod

• Our furnace oil or coal operated reheating furnace heats up our in house manufactured billet and send it for rolling.

• Passing thorough sequence of paired grooved rolling stands “3 Roughing, 4 Intermediate, 2 Finishing, 4 Continuous” stands then through to the “4 stands of Block mill” finally into the “Coiler” which coils the finished wire rod.

• Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars are manufactured dimensions ranging from 8mm to 25mm.

• We use latest thermo mechanical treatment rather then the traditional cold twisting.

• The treatment process has three successive stages

  • Quenching
  • Self- Tempering
  • Atmospheric Cooling.

• These successive manufacturing stages give TMT bars the ultimate combination of strength and ductility with enhanced bending and welding ability.

• We manufacture square billets thorough continuous casting machine which is a semi finished product.

• Our manufactured billet goes thorough chemical analysis and after passing the physical and chemical testing they are forwarded to our next manufacturing process “Rolling Mill”.

We manufacture billets for internal production purposes only and is only occasionally available for sale purposes.  We use our manufactured billets for further reduction in rolling mills to manufacture Wire Rod and TMT.

The management of the Company is vested in the Board of Directors under the able guidance of Mr Sanjay Kumar Bhartiya who is the Managing Director of the company and Mr Prashant Bhartiya director of the company an MBA from IIM

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Bhartiya, aged 39 years, a graduate has been associated with iron and Steel Industry for about 25 years. He started his career in 1983 and has since taken the group to new heights through introduction of latest technology and machinery.

• By using latest technology in melting, casting, rolling and testing we leave no stone unturned in manufacturing quality steel which is strong, reliable and durable lasting generations.

• Laboratory plays an important part in controlling quality for steel making. Laboratory testing is a complex procedure & requires sophisticated instruments. Our manufacturing plant laboratory is equipped with latest equipment and is used by our highly skilled technicians and metallurgists for quality control purposes.

• Mill scale is produced during the rolling of hot bars. The mill scale settles down in the scale pit and in the scale flumes. The scale is scooped out on regular basis and is spread out for drying. The mill scale is utilized in various purposes.

• Water pollution problem is envisaged as water is used in the re-circulatory system for cooling the equipment. No waste water drain out is required.

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